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Airport '77 movie poster.

Movie (1977)
French title : Les naufragés du 747

Jack Lemmon (Captain Don Galagher)
Lee Grant (Karen Wallace)
Brenda Vaccaro (Eve Clayton)
Joseph Cotton (Nicholas St. Downs III)
Olivia De Havilland (Emily Livingston)
James Stewart (Phillip Stevens)

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On the first flight of tycoon Phillip Stevens' luxury 747, art thieves mount a hijacking to steal the paintings being transported on the plane. However, they fail and crash the jumbo jet into the Bermuda triangle leading to the passengers being trapped underwater. The US Navy face a race against time and elements to save the passengers of the plane.

Bell 206 JetRanger

Helicopter used briefly by Stevens at the start of the movie to fly into his estate.

AP77 JetRanger 2.jpg
AP77 JetRanger.jpg

Boeing 747-151

This plays the role of the Stevens corporation 747. If you watch carefully you will notice that two planes are used. At the start of the film when the plane comes into Dulles the plane has a black nose, in delivery of Northwest Orient Airlines, then a blue-white-red nose matching with an American Airlines airplane (see pictures below).

Boeing 747-151 of Northwest Orient Airlines.

Beechcraft 70 Queen Air

Seen on the cover of an issue of "Flying" magazine that is briefly visible.

AP77 Magazine.jpg

Boeing 747-123

Stevens Corporation 747 figured by an American Airlines 747.
Registration N9667, c/n 20106/79 built in 1970.

Reg. N9667 Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.
Reg. N9667 Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.
Reg. N9667 Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.

In reality a 747 would be likely to float on the water due to the cabin pressure rather than sink as it does here.

Reg. N9667 Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.

Lockheed S-3 Viking

US Navy planes used to search for the 747. All of Sea Control Squadron 41 (VS-41) "Shamrocks". Tail no. 159749, serial 394A-1078.

AP77 S-3.jpg
AP77 S-3 2.jpg
AP77 S-3 9.jpg

S-3B BuNo 160125, serial 394A-1107, c/n 3125.

AP77 S-3 4.jpg
AP77 S-3 5.jpg

Kaman SH-2F Seasprite

US Navy helicopters used in the rescue at the end of the film. More than one is seen. All are from HSL-31 'Arch Angels' (Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) 31).
Tail number 149036. C/N 40.

AP77 Heli.jpg
AP77 Heli 2.jpg

Tail number 150185. C/N 135.

AP77 Heli 3.jpg
AP77 Heli 4.jpg

Can't find a match for tail number 8186.

AP77 Heli 5.jpg

Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard

Coast guard helicopter involved in the rescue mission.

AP77 2 CG Heli.jpg

Another Coast Guard Helicopter seen early on. Same type.

AP77 CG Heli.jpg

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