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The Waco Standard Cabin series is a range of American single-engine 4-5 seat fabric covered cabin biplanes produced by the Waco Aircraft Company beginning in 1931 with the QDC and continuing until 1942 when production ended for the VKS-7F. They were used as light passenger and utility transports, navigational trainers, bushplanes and briefly as maritime reconnaissance aircraft during World War 2. The variants include BC Series (BDC,ODC,PDC,QDC,UDC), EC Series (BEC,OEC,UEC), IC Series (UIC), JC Series (CJC,DJC), KC Series (UKC,YKC), JC-S Series (CJC-S,DJC-S), KC-S Series (UKC-S,YKC-S,ZKC-S) and KS Series (UKS-6,VKS-7/7F,YKS-6,ZKS-6/7).

This page lists all films that feature the Waco Standard Cabin series.

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