Escape From New York

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Escape From New York movie poster.

Movie (1981)
aka : New York 1997

Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken)
Lee Van Cleef (Hauk)
Ernest Borgnine (Cabbie)
Isaac Hayes (The Duke)

1997 : Manhattan is a giant prison, cut from the rest of the world. Unfortunatly, the presidential aircraft fall down there and it's time to recover the First American. A convicted bank robber is sent in for a rescue mission.

Fictionnal Aircraft acting as the Boeing VC-137 Air Force One

A model based on the nose of a Boeing 707, the tail of a Convair 240 but with the jet engines put like a DC-9 and clean wings.

NY1997 AF001 0h09m16.jpg

On the radar screen, the same aircraft is depicted like a Boeing 737 or so.

NY1997 AF001-radar 0h10m38.jpg

Convair 240

A derelic and scrapped aircraft acting as the crashed VC-137.

NY1997 C240 0h27m07.jpg
NY1997 C240 0h27m21.jpg
NY1997 C240 0h27m57.jpg


Glider IAR IS-28B2, reg. N2927B
Glider IAR IS-28B2, reg. N2927B
Glider IAR IS-28B2, reg. N2927B

The instrument panel is highly irrealistic even for a glider of the next future of sixteen years !

NY1997 IAR InstrPanel 0h22m18.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A light aircraft is quickly seen towing the IAR glider.

NY1997 Cessna IAR 0h22m12.jpg
NY1997 Cessna IAR 0h22m40.jpg

Bell 206 JetRanger

On the right.

NY1997 Bell-206 0h05m46.jpg
NY1997 Bell-206 1h06m23.jpg

Bell UH-1B Iroqouis

Instrument panel of a flying Bell UH-1B Iroqouis.

NY1997 UH-1Bpanel 1h03m39.jpg

Bell UH-1D Iroqouis

NY1997 UH-1D 0h11m22.jpg
NY1997 UH-1D 0h12m15.jpg
NY1997 UH-1D 1hxxm.jpg

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