Gojira (1954)

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Gojira movie poster.

Movie (1954)
English title: Godzilla

Akira Takarada (Hideto Ogata)
Momoko Kôchi (Emiko Yamane)
Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Daisuke Serizawa)
Takashi Shimura (Dr. Kyohei Yamane)
Fuyuki Murakami (Prof. Tanabe)
Sachio Sakai (Hagiwara)

Atomic testing in the Pacific unleashes a gigantic mutated radioactive dinosaur named Godzilla upon the world. The beast heads to the city of Tokyo, where he rampages and causes the loss of countless lives. Reclusive scientist Daisuke Serizawa wrestles with whether or not to unleash his invention, an "oxygen-destroyer," against Godzilla, fearful it will become the next weapon every country wants in a new arms race.

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Sikorsky H-19

Flies the expedition to Odo Island and gets capsized in a typhoon. A scale model is used for the overturning sequence.


Lockheed C-121A Constellation

Seen in a montage of landing aircraft, mostly stock footage. NATO livery Military Air Transport Service.

Lockheed C-121A Constellation of the USAF-MATS.
Lockheed C-121A Constellation of the USAF-MATS.

Douglas DC-6A

Also seen in the montage of landing aircraft. JAL-Japan Air Lines.

Douglas DC-6A of JAL-Japan Air Lines.

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation

Also seen in the montage of landing aircraft.

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation.

Boeing 377-10-26 Stratocruiser

Also seen in the montage of landing aircraft.

Boeing 377-10-26 Stratocruiser of PAA-Pan American World Airways.

North American F-86 Sabre

Following Godzilla's attack on Tokyo, these fighter jets are sent to attack him as he departs via Tokyo Bay. They are represented solely by scale models.


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