No Highway

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No Highway movie poster in the US title No Highway in the Sky.

Movie (1951) AKA: No Highway in the Sky

James Stewart (Theodore Honey)
Marlene Dietrich (Monica Teasdale)
Glynis Johns (Marjorie Corder)
Jack Hawkins (Dennis Scott)
Janette Scott (Elspeth Honey)

An aerospace engineer predicts that a new aircraft the Rutland Reindeer will suffer a catastrophic failure when its tail falls off due to metal fatigue at a certain number of hours.

Handley Page H.P.70 Halifax C.VIII (as fictional Rutland Reindeer)

The new airliner that is the subject of the film is in fact a heavily modified Handley Page Halifax.
Fake registration G-AFOH. Really G-AJNW; Serial 1369.
Note the Bristol 170 Freighter in the background.

NHITS Halifax.jpg
NHITS Halifax 2.jpg
NHITS Halifax 3.jpg
NHITS Halifax 4.jpg

Scale model of the above:

NHITS Halifax 5.jpg

Gloster E.1/44

Possible registration is TX145.

NHITS Un.jpg
NHITS Un 2.jpg
NHITS Un 3.jpg
NHITS Un 4.jpg

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