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The A-Team TV Series DVDs.

TV Series (1983-1987)

George Peppard (colonel John « Hannibal » Smith)
Dirk Benedict (lieutnant Peck Templeton)
Dwight Schultz (captain Henry « Looping » Murdock)
Mister T (sergeant Bosco Albert Baracus)

(Synopsis needed)

Season Three

Boeing 747-123

Ep. 1 "Bullets and Bikinis"

Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.
Boeing 747-123 of American Airlines.

Boeing 747-122

Ep. 2 "The Bend in the River (Part 1)"
Of United from the Friend Ship era.

Boeing 747-122 of United Airlines.

Ep. 17 "Skins"

ATeam-TV3-17 00002.jpg

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Reg. N59492 Bell 206B c/n 1292 built in 1974.
Ep. 3 "The Bend in the River (Part 2)"

N59492 or 29495N ?

Ep. 6 "Double Heat"
Despite seen during a single action, the helicopter changes several times its colors (continuity errors).

ATeam-TV3-06 00003.jpg

Reg. N20802 (same helicopter in other movie at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft).

Again N59492.

Cessna 172

Santa Monica Airport. The road just behind the aircraft does no more exist.

ATeam-TV3-06 00008.jpg

Boeing 707

ATeam-TV3-07 00010.jpg

Grumman G-21A Goose

Ep. 8 "The Island"
Reg. NC327 (c/n 1051) Cutter's Goose which was the star of Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982 TV series).

ATeam-TV3-08 00011.jpg
ATeam-TV3-08 00012.jpg

Grumman G-1159 Gulfstream II

Ep. 10 "Sheriffs of Rivertown"
Reg. N8000J Gulfstream Aerospace G1159B c/n 42 built in 1969. Fly now with N36PN registration.

ATeam-TV3-10 00001.jpg
ATeam-TV3-10 00003.jpg

Boeing 747

Ep. 17 "Skins"

ATeam-TV3-17 00001.jpg

Not the prototype.

ATeam-TV3-17 00005.jpg
ATeam-TV3-17 00006.jpg
ATeam-TV3-17 00007.jpg

Lockheed L-12A Electra Junior

Reg. NC1161V Lockheed 12A Electra Junior c/n 1203 was on the British registry in 1939 (G-AFTL) then became VP-TAI in the Bermudas from 1943.

ATeam-TV3-17 00009.jpg
ATeam-TV3-17 00014.jpg

Beechcraft C18S

Another continuity error as during the flight we see this Beechcraft C18S registered N81GB.

ATeam-TV3-17 00012.jpg

To be continued.

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