"Crocodile" Dundee

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"Crocodile" Dundee movie poster.

Movie (1986)

Paul Hogan (Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee)
Linda Kozlowski (Sue Charlton)
John Meillon (Walter Reilly)
David Gulpilil (Neville Bell)
Ritchie Singer (Con)
Maggie Blinco (Ida)

An American reporter, Sue Charlton, journeys to Walkabout Creek in the Australian Outback to interview Mick Dundee, a famous crocodile attack survivor who was raised by Aborigines. The two have several adventures involving kangaroo poachers and killer crocodiles before Sue persuades Dundee to return with her to America.

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"Crocodile" Dundee II
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

Bell 47G

This helicopter flies Sue to Walkabout Creek.

Bell 47G.
Bell 47G.
Bell 47G.

Boeing 747-238B

Australian commercial jet which flies Dundee and Sue to New York City.

Boeing 747-238B of Qantas.
Boeing 747-238B of Qantas.
Boeing 747-238B of Qantas.

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