...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo!

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...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! poster.

Movie (1974)
French title : Attention, on va s'fâcher !
English title : Watch Out, We're Mad!

Terence Hill (Kid)
Bud Spencer (Ben)
John Sharp (the Boss)
Donald Pleasence (the Doctor)

After a tied first place in a local stunt race, two drivers start a contest to decide who of them will own the prize, a dune buggy. But when a mobster destroys the car, they are determined to get it back.

Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. AISA I-11B & Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D

Reg. EC-BKF AISA I-11B. Was L8 C.14 fot the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) before registration on the civil market on November 25, 1967. September 27. Damaged in 2011.
(background) Reg. EC-BSZ (former N6993Y) Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D on the Spanish register from 1969 to July 2003 when she was destroyed near Madrid.

Altrimenti EC-BKF.jpg

Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. AISA I-11B

Another one but with unknown registration.

Altrimenti AISA-I11B.jpg

Piper PA-23

Unidentified Piper PA-23 seen landing and taxiing towards the tarmac.


Cessna 207 Skywagon

Reg. EC-BYQ Cessna 207 Skywagon c/n 20700198. Just this casual appearance.

Altrimenti C207 Ec-BYQ.jpg

Reims-Cessna FTB337 Super Skymaster

Reg. EC-BVL Reims-Cessna FTB337E Super Skymaster c/n F3370007/01236. Now [2017] upgraded to FTB337G standart and with "Gobierno de España" (Government of Spain) -ex Sociedad Aeronáutica Peninsular (SAP) company- titles in a white livery with dark blue and red stripes.

Altrimenti EC-BVL.jpg

Piper PA-28R Arrow

(right) Piper PA-28R Arrow.

Altrimenti PA-28R.jpg

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