07-y menyaet kurs

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DVD cover

Movie (2007)
Russian title : 07-й меняет курс
japanese title : Stealth X

Sergueï Majovikov (Victor Kirsanov)
Anna Taratorkina (Olga Krasnova)
Sergueï Batalov (Oleg Boulgin)
Dimitri Moular (Leonid Ribikov)

During a russian/american exercice involving navies and air forces, terrorists of an unspecified country are able to take control of a Blackjack bomber, trying to bomb the main aircraft carrier with the hope this will cause a war between the new allies. But the crew of the Tupolev refuses to be simply the toy of such project.

Antonov An-12BP

c/n 42505.

Close up on the Ivtchenko AI-20K engine.

False Ukrainian colors (should be blue on top of the flag).

False registration in Ukraine (UA-12124); in reality, the plane used is RA-12124.

Ilyushin Il-76

Beriev A-50 landing in the background.

Il-76 seen in the foreground.

Beriev A-50

Based on Ilyushin Il-76, AWACS variant built by Beriev. NATO reporting name Mainstay.
One of the main actors of the movie.

Beriev A-50.
The cockpit of the A-50.
The crew is taking place...
... then working at the consoles.
Menyet kurs-A50-01h25m10.jpg
Despite the credits talk about the 'RLDN A-50 n° 45', we can see the n° 42

Aerospatiale AS-350B2 Ecureuil

Reg. RA-04160 Aerospatiale AS-350B2 Ecureuil c/n 3320 of Barkol Airlines. On 19 April 2010, during a safety training, an autorotation was initiated too low and led to a hard landing and so a write-off. Was built in 2000 (?) and first registered in the USA as N97RS.

Menyet kurs-AS350-00h04m54.jpg

Tupolev Tu-160

NATO reporting name Blackjack.

Menyet kurs-Tu160-00h23m09.jpg
Menyet kurs-Tu160-00h27m23.jpg
Tu-160 cockpit.
Menyet kurs-Tu160-00h29m51.jpg
Menyet kurs-Tu160-01h25m02.jpg

Tupolev Tu-142K

NATO reporting name Bear H.

Menyet kurs-Tu142-00h18m54.jpg

Mikoyan MiG-29 UB

Two-seat variant.

Sukhoi Su-27

NATO reporting name Flanker.

Two-seat variant from the 4 TsBP i PLS / 4TH CTC Aerobatic Team following a single seat fighter.
Two-seat variant used by Falcons of Russia.

Kamov Ka-25

Menyet kurs-00h33m41 Ka-25.jpg

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Taking off from the carrier (see bottom), a digital Tomcat loaded with AIM-54 Phoenix and AIM-7 Sparrow missiles.

Various aeronautical features

NEUSTRASHIMY class frigate '712'.
A digital USN carrier.
The Tu-160 drops a (digital) Kh-55 / AS-15 Kent missile.

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