1920 Bitwa warszawska

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1920 Bitwa warszawska movie poster.

Movie (2011)
Russian title : Варшавская битва 1920 года
French title : La Bataille de Varsovie, 1920
English title : Battle of Warsaw 1920

Daniel Olbrychski (Józef Piłsudski)
Borys Szyc (Jan Krynicki)
Natasza Urbańska (Ola Raniewska)
Marian Dziędziel (general Tadeusz Rozwadowski)

(Synopsis needed)

Albatros D.II (late)

D1765 was from the third batch numbers of 1916 built Albatros D.II (should be D1765/16; D1765/17 was for an Albatros D.III).
The lower wing is not from a D.III (with a reduced chord and so V interplane struts) so this CGI depicted an Albatros D.II used by Polish as a bomber.
The real aircraft was a single seat fighter and did not carry bombs.
Unit insignia is from Polish 7th Air Escadrille (Polish: 7. Eskadra Lotnicza), the most effective air unit during the Battle of Warsaw : the Squadron developed a tactic of low-altitude machine-gun strafing runs.

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