2,215 cheua ba kla kao

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2,215 cheua ba kla kao screen title.

Documentary (2018)
Thai title: 2,215 เชื่อ บ้า กล้า ก้าว

Artiwara Kongmalai
Samitada Sungkapo

A documentary based on true story of Artiwara Kongmalai, a Thai singer, who dedicates himself to long-running from Betong (Southernmost of Thailand) to Mae Sai (Northernmost of Thailand). It takes 2,215 kilometres which is documentary's name and 55 days from the first November 2017 to the end. He tries to collect money devoted by Thailand's people as much as possible in order to help several hospitals to import medicals equipments needed, which is the purpose of this long-running event.

Pilatus PC-6C Turbo-Porter

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Unidentified Helicopter

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