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22 minuty movie poster.

Movie (2014)
Russian title : 22 минуты or двадцать два минуты
French title : 22 minutes
Spanish title : 22 minutos

Makar Zaporojski (Alexandre 'Sanya' Yejov)
Alexandre Galibine (Dekaline, captain of the LNG carrier YAMAL)
Eebra Tooré (Amin Nour Barré, chief of the pirates)
Gaël Kamilindi ('MC' Kalash)

Loosely based on the hijacking of «Московский университет» (Moscow University) tanker, here becoming a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier.

Kamov Ka-52K "Katran"

22mn 00915.jpg

The pilot seen from the optronics/radar operator's seat.

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22mn 00942.jpg
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