600 kilos d'or pur

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250 kilos d'or pur poster.

Movie (2010)
English title: In Gold We Trust

Clovis Cornillac (Virgil)
Audrey Dana (Camille)
Patrick Chesnais (George)
Claudio Santamaria (Enzo)
Bruno Solo (Rémi)

A group of adventurers steal 600 kilos of gold from Guyana but when their helicopter crashes they end up stuck in the Brazilian jungle and clash over their stolen horde.

Eurocopter AS350

600Ks Poss AS350.jpg

Aérospatiale AS365 Dauphin 2 & Boeing 737-36N

Aérospatiale AS365 Dauphin and Boeing 737-36N of Surinam Airways.

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