A Business Affair

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A Business Affair DVD cover.

Movie (1994)
French title : D'une femme à l'autre

Christopher Walken (Vanni Corso)
Carole Bouquet (Kate Swallow)
Jonathan Pryce (Alec Bolton)
Sheila Hancock (Judith)
Anna Manahan (Bianca)
Fernando Guillén Cuervo (Ángel)

This is the story of the lovely Kate Swallow and the loves of her life. At the start she is with Alec Bolton, a noted author, who discourages her when she wants to write a novel. Later she is swept off her feet by Alecs publisher, Vanni Corso, and leaves Alec for Vanni. She writes another novel and Vanni tells her he doesn't think the book will sell. Both of their actions are an indication of their vanity and fear of losing her.

Airbus A310-304

Airbus A310-304 of Air France.
Airbus A310-304 of Air France.

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