A Few Less Men

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A Few Less Men movie poster.

Movie (2017)
German title : Die Trauzeugen - Australien sehen und sterben

Dacre Montgomery (Mike)
Xavier Samuel (David Locking)
Kris Marshall (Tom)
Kevin Bishop (Graham)

(Synopsis needed)

Airbus A380-800

Airbus A380 of Qantas.
At Sydney Airport (SYD/YSSY).

AFewLessMen A380Quantas.jpg

Boeing 737

AFewLessMen TO.jpg

Gulstream G450

AFewLessMen hangar.jpg
AFewLessMen GStr3.jpg

CGI action of the Gulfstream in distress.

AFewLessMen BizJet.jpg

Boeing 737-200

AFewLessMen joystick.jpg
AFewLessMen 737-nez.jpg
AFewLessMen 737-nose.jpg

Fictional (CGI) Gulfstream

Take the front windscreen of a Boieng 737 then photoshop around a shape to make think it's a Gulfstream business jet.

AFewLessMen GStr-nose.jpg

A movie set (or more likely a CGI cabin built from green backgrounded shot) suposedly to be the inside of the Gulfstream. The wrong things are a too wide section (or too narrow for a Boeing BBJ).

AFewLessMen GStr.jpg
AFewLessMen GStr2.jpg

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