A Girl of Yesterday

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A Girl of Yesterday movie poster.

(Lost) Short Movie (1915)

Mary Pickford (Jane Stuart)
Jack Pickford (John Stuart)
Gertrude Norman (Aunt Angela)
Glenn L. Martin (The Pilot)

Jane and John Stuart are two orphans shielded from the outside world by their Aunt Angela. When Jane suddenly inherits a large sum of money, they are able to take control of their lives. From one day to the next, they transform into fashionable young people. Jane attracts a group of male admirers among them is Stanley. His fiancée Rosanna is jealous and arranges for a pilot to take Jane flying.

Martin T

A three-bay training biplane produced in the United States in 1913 for military use. Less twenty left the assembly line.
Real life aviation pioneer Glenn L. Martin made a cameo.

A Girl of Yesterday 1915.jpg
A Girl of Yesterday 1915B.jpg

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