A Guy Named Joe

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A Guy Named Joe movie poster.

Movie (1943)
French title : Un nommé Joe

Spencer Tracy (Pete Sandidge)
Irene Dunne (Dorinda Durston)
Van Johnson (Ted Randall)
Ward Bond (Al Yackey)

(Synopsis needed)

North American B-25 Mitchell

Several variants used in backgrounds : for example, Pete's B-25B (40-2295) and B-25C (42-32364) and B-25D (41-30225).

AGNJoe 00003.jpg
AGNJoe 00005.jpg

Vultee BT-13 Valiant

First in RAF colors to underline that action is in Scotland.

AGNJoe 00009.jpg

Then at Luke Field (Arizona). Vultee BT-13A coded X-2 s/n 42-42559.

AGNJoe 00020.jpg
AGNJoe 00021.jpg

Other code seen on such aircraft : X-4, X-8, X-41, X-656, K-197, H-28, R-6, etc.

Fairchild PT-19

AGNJoe 00011.jpg

Beechcraft AT-10 Wichita

Fairchild PT-19 is parked by Dorinda along this Beechcraft AT-10.

AGNJoe 00010.jpg

North American P-51A Mustang

Acting as German Fighter.

AGNJoe 00014.jpg

Curtiss B-2 Condor

AGNJoe 00015.jpg

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

AGNJoe 00022.jpg

Lockheed C-60 Lodestar

AGNJoe 00023.jpg

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

AGNJoe 00024.jpg
AGNJoe 00029.jpg

Lockheed P-322-II Lightning

Very first P-38s were without the turbo supercharger and dedicated to advance training.

AGNJoe 00032.jpg
AGNJoe 00018.jpg
AGNJoe 00017.jpg

Martin B-26B Marauder

Acting as Japanese bomber.

AGNJoe 00025.jpg

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