A King in New York

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A King in New York movie poster.

Movie (1957)
French title : Un roi à New York

Charles Chaplin (King Shahdov)
Michael Chaplin(Rupert Macabee)
Dawn Addams (Ann Kay)
Maxine Audley (Queen Irene)
Jerry Desmonde (Prime Minister Voudel)
Sid James (Johnson)

The last appearance of Charlie Chaplin in a leading role, A King in New York was a comedy about a dethroned European monarch named King Shahdov. Following a revolution a penniless Shahdov flees to New York and works in television commercial to earn money. However, he is suspected of being a communist due to a chance meeting with the child of two communists. This leads to him facing the committee on Un-American activities.

Boeing 377-10-26 Stratocruiser

Boeing 377-10-26 Stratocruiser of PAA-Pan American World Airways.

Douglas DC-6B

Reg. N6529C Douglas DC-6B c/n 43529 (later registered CR-IAH, CS-TAM, YV-297C, N873TA and eventually scrapped in 1994). Seen the same year in Frühling in Berlin. Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Dc6 A King in New York.jpeg

Vickers 701 Viscount

Vickers 701 Viscount of BEA-British European Airways.

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