A Mind to Kill (1994)

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Mind to Kill Title 2.jpg

TV Series (1994-2002)

Philip Madoc (DCI Noel Bain)
Ffion Wilkins (Hannah Bain)
Sharon Morgan (Prof. Margaret Edwards)

A Mind to Kill was a TV detective series following DCI Noel Bain, a murder squad detective for the Welsh police. Bain must juggle investigating murders and looking after his teenage daughter. In the latter two series Hannah joined the force and worked with her father.

Series One

No aircraft appear in the first series.

Series Two

Series Three

Eurocopter AS355 Ecueuil 2

Ep.3.01 Shadow Falls
This helicopter is seen flying above a crime scene.

Mind to Kill 3.01 Helicopter 2.jpg
Mind to Kill 3.01 Helicopter 3.jpg
A Mind to Kill 3,01 Helicopter.jpg

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