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Abeltje poster.

Movie (1998)
English title: The Flying Liftboy

Ricky van Gastel (Abeltje Roef / Johnny Cockle Smith)
Soraya Smith (Laura)
Frits Lambrechts (Jozias Tump)
Marisa van Eyle (Juffrouw Klaterhoen)

(Synopsis needed)

MBB Bo 105CBS-4

Registration LX-HAR, c/n S-713 built in 1984. Named Christoph Lux.

Reg. LX-HAR MBB Bo 105CBS-4 Christoph Lux of Luxembourg Air Rescue.

Cessna A185F

Reg. PH-WOW Cessna A185F c/n 18504186.

Abeltje PH-WOW.jpg
Abeltje Cessna-A185F.jpg

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