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Action immédiate movie poster.

Movie (1957)
English title: To Catch a Spy

Henri Vidal (Francis Coplan)
Barbara Laage (Hiedi Effen)
Jacques Dacqmine (Walder)
Nicole Maurey (Diana Rossi)
Lino Ventura (Bérès)
Margaret Rung (Sylvia)

(Synopsis needed)

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Convair 440-11 Metropolitan

At Aéroport de Paris-Orly.

Convair 440-11 Metropolitan of Swissair.

Arrival at Flughafen Zürich Kloten (after many changes… DC-4, Constellation, DC-6). See below.
Registration HB-IMG, c/n 360. Delivered in 1956 and operated by Swissair until 1968.

Reg. HB-IMG Convair 440-11 Metropolitan Appenzell of Swissair.

Seen again later. Maybe at Aéroport de Paris-Orly.

Reg. HB-IMG Convair 440-11 Metropolitan Appenzell of Swissair.

Convair 240-11

At Flughafen Zürich Kloten.
Registration HB-IRP, c/n 113. Delivered in 1949, and operated until 1957, that means it’s one of its late shot with Swiss Air Lines colours and markings. A newer Convair 440 Metropolitan of Swissair in the background.

Convair 240-11 Graubünden of Swiss Air Lines.
Convair 240-11 of Swiss Air Lines.

Convair 440-12 Metropolitan

At Flughafen Zürich Kloten. Parked between Swiss Air Lines's Convair 240 and Swissair’s 440 metropolitan already seen above.

Douglas DC-4

Flight between Paris and Zurich. Meant to be the Convair 440 of Swissair seen above. Seems to be an Air France DC-4. Same aircraft seen in other movies - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Douglas DC-4 of Air France.

Lockheed Constellation

The DC-4 becomes a Constellation when landing at Flughafen Zürich Kloten.
Difficult to say what type between Constellation or Super Constellation? What airline? Is it Air France?

Lockheed Constellation .

Douglas DC-6B

Taxiing at Flughafen Zürich Kloten, another transformation in a Douglas DC-6 of Swissair. Notice the Douglas DC-6B of SAS in the background on the right.

Douglas DC-6B of Swissair.

A Douglas DC-4-1009 of KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines in the background.

Douglas DC-6B of Swissair.

Flughafen Zürich Kloten.

Douglas DC-6B of Swissair.

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