Aerial Gunner

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Aerial Gunner movie poster.

Movie (1943)

Chester Morris (T/Sgt. 'Foxy' Pattis)
Richard Arlen (T/Sgt later Lt. Jonathan 'Jon' Davis)
Jimmy Lydon (Pvt. Sanford 'Sandy' Lunt)
Dick Purcell (Pvt. Lancelot 'Gadget' Blaine)


North American AT-6

AerialGunner flypast.jpg
AerialGunner AT-6B.jpg

206, a North American T-6 used as target tug (which variant ?).

AerialGunner AT-6-TTbis.jpg
AerialGunner AT-6-TT.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

AerialGunner Japs Ju-87.jpg

Several instruction models including a Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka.

AerialGunner instModel.jpg

North American AT-6 (acting as Japanese fighters)

Acting as a Nakajima Ki-27.

AerialGunner Japs.jpg

Acting as a Mitsubishi A6M Zero or a Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa firing at a Lockheed PV-1 Ventura.

AerialGunner Japs2.jpg

Lockheed PV-1 Ventura

AerialGunner Lockheed-Ventura.jpg
AerialGunner Lockheed-Ventura2.jpg
AerialGunner Lockheed-Ventura3.jpg

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