Agente Sigma 3 - Missione Goldwather

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Agente Sigma 3 - Missione Goldwather title card.

Movie (1967)
English titles: Agent Sigma 3 - Mission Goldwalther / Sigma 3

Jack Taylor (Charles Butler / Agent Sigma 3)
Silvia Solar (Catherine)
Armando Calvo (Karamesinis)
Mia Genberg (Anna)
Remo De Angelis (Karl)
Sheila Rosin (Maylin)

An electronic ray that can counter any aerial attacks has just been invented by Professor Goodwin, but before he can put in good hands, he is kidnapped by a criminal organization, that starts an international bid for him and his invention among the rogue countries of the world. The CIA sends Agent Sigma 3 to find the Professor before the transaction takes place. His mission takes him from Rome to Tangiers, and to Barcelona.

Boeing 727-30C

Boeing 727-30C of Lufthansa.

Convair 990-30A Coronado

Convair 990-30A Coronado of VARIG-Viaçao Aérea Rio Grandense.

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