Agente Z 55 missione disperata

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Agente Z 55 missione disperata movie poster.

Movie (1965)
English title: Desperate Mission
Spannish title: Agente Z-55, misiòn Hong Kong
French title: Agent Z-55, mision désespéré

Germán Cobos (Robert Manning)
Yôko Tani (Su Ling)
Gianni Rizzo (Barrow)
Maria Luisa Rispoli (Sally)
Milton Reid (To-go)
Leontine Snell (Tania)

The American secret service sends agent Z 55 to Hong Kong with the task of continuing a mission started by a colleague of his, killed in mysterious circumstances.

Boeing 707-436

At Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport (HKG/VHHH].
Meat Cleaver livery (1964-1966).

Boeing 707-321

To the left.

Boeing 707-321 of Pan American World Airways.

Westland Sioux AH1

License Bell Aircraft.

Westland Sioux AH1 of the British Army.

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