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Airlift movie poster.

Movie (2016)
Hindi title : एयरलिफ्ट
Russian title : Воздушная перевозка

Akshay Kumar (Ranjit Katyal)
Nimrat Kaur (Amrita Katyal)
Inaamulhaq (Major Khalaf bin Zayd)
Avtar Gill (Amrit Pal)

August 1990 : Iraq invades Koweit cutting 170,000 Indian peoples from their family and homeland. A civil airlift is set up to bring them home through what became the biggest civil effort of this kind.

Mil Mi-17

First seen by night overflying the main battle tank (shape outlined by a white pen because screenshot is too dark).

Airlift2016A 00001-Mil.jpg
Airlift2016A 00014.jpg

In the morning over Koweit City (CGI).

Airlift2016A 00003.jpg

Boeing 747

First, a desk model.

Airlift2016A 00047.jpg
Airlift2016A 00056.jpg

Reg. VT-ENQ Boeing 747-212B (MSN 21936) christened Himalaya by Indian Airlines. Other known registration: 9V-SQK and N522UP.

Airlift2016A 00057.jpg
Tow by a Goldhofer AST-1.

Another Air India anonymous Boeing 747.

Airlift2016A 00060.jpg

Airbus A320

Airbus A320 of Air India.

Airlift2016A 00055.jpg

Airbus A320-231 of Indian Airlines.

Airlift2016A 00069.jpg

Unidentified Twinjet Airliner

Airlift2016A 00061.jpg
Airlift2016A 00062.jpg

Airbus A310-304

Reg. VT-EQT Airbus A310-304 christened Narmada of Air India.

Airlift2016A 00063bis.jpg
Airlift2016A 00065.jpg
Airlift2016A 00066.jpg

Airbus A300

Airbus A300 of Indian Airlines.

Airlift2016A 00068.jpg

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