Airplane II: The Sequel

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Airplane II: The Sequel movie poster.

Movie (1982)
Also known as: Flying High II: The Sequel
French title : Y a-t-il enfin un pilote dans l'avion ?

Julie Hagerty (Elaine)
Robert Hays (Ted Striker)
Peter Graves (Captain Oveur)
James A. Watson, Jr. (Navigator Dunn)
Lloyd Bridges (McCroskey)
Raymond Burr (Judge D.L. Simonton)

A faulty computer causes a passenger space shuttle (Lunar X42) to head straight for the Sun. Ted Striker, just escaped from a mental hospital, is aboard. Could Elaine, his love, convince him to save the flight?

Lunar X42

The Houston Daily Journal titles about the Lunar Shuttle XR-2300. Lunar X42 is seen on the shuttle near the evacuation slide.


Boeing 747-121

A Pan Am Boeing 747 taxiing in the night.


Perhaps the same one landing ?


Shots with backgrounded archive footages already used in Airplane!

North American T-6


Dornier Do 17

Picture of a rear gunner aboard a Dornier Do 17. Same archive footage used in Airplane!.


Stinson L-5 Sentinel

Last second before impact on the cliff, coming from the right.


Unidentified Aircraft

Probably a Hollywood movie about the Pacific war already used as background. This model crashing into the ocean was seen in Baa Baa Black Sheep too.


Douglas DC-7

Douglas DC-7 N68N c/n 44275/496 seen during a test for the FAA.
Same aircraft in Airplane!.


Unidentified Aircraft


Rockwell Space Shuttle Enterprise OV-101

Probably a gliding test of Enterprise in 1977.


Rockwell Space Shuttle Columbia OV-102

(poster top right, hidden by the logo of the broadcaster) STS-1 or STS-2 launch pad view, 1981 (the single ones with the External Tank in white).
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rockets, Missiles & Space Vehicules).

Upper left corner.

Unidentified Aircraft

"Made for Movie Shot" or action taken from a Godzila movie (which one ?) ?
As Godzilla seems biting a Space Shuttle (?), probably the first choice.


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