Anton der Zauberer

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Anton der Zauberer Film poster.

Film (1978)
English title: Anton the Magician

Ulrich Thein (Anton)
Anna Dymna (Liesel)
Erwin Geschonneck (Vater Grubske)
Barbara Dittus (Sabine)
Marina Krogull (Ilie)
Erik S. Klein (Schröder)

Car mechanic Anton Grubske manages to flee from captivity by using his wits. With the same cunning, he succeeds in escaping from a widow who is not only beautiful but also conniving. Anton returns to his village, takes over his master's workshop and marries Liesel, his master's daughter.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 of Swissair.

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