Around the World Under the Sea

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Around the World Under the Sea theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1966)
French title : Le tour du monde sous les mers

Lloyd Bridges (Dr. Doug Standish)
Brian Kelly (Dr. Craig Mosby)
Shirley Eaton (Dr. Margaret E. Hanford)
David McCallum (Dr. Philip Volker)
Keenan Wynn (Hank Stahl)
Marshall Thompson (Dr. Orin Hillyard)

Following the destruction of much of coastal Turkey by a massive tsunami, American scientists Dr. Doug Standish and Dr. Craig Mosby lead the crew of the submarine Hydronaut in a race to plant seismic sensors along fault lines on the ocean floor to create an experimental earthquake detection system in order to prevent other coastal countries from suffering the same fate.

Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard

Coast Guard helicopter. Flies Brinkman out to the Diligent and later rescues the survivors from the Hydronaut from the sinking sub.

Around the world under the sea1.jpg
Around the world under the sea2.jpg
Around the world under the sea3.jpg
Around the world under the sea5.jpg

Boeing 707-430

Lufthansa passenger jet whose pilot spots an erupting undersea volcano and radios Dr. Boren.

Boeing 707-430 of Lufthansa.

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Discontinuity error : next second, the crew is seen in the cockpit of a Stratocruiser ! (in fact, this set is uncorrect. The real Stratocruiser has a four seat layout).

AtWUtS Boeing-377.jpg

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