Aventure à Beyrouth

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Aventure à Beyrouth movie poster.

Movie (1969)
English title: The Woman from Beirut

Sara Montiel (Isabel Llanos)
Fernand Gravey (Dr. Castello)
Giancarlo Del Duca (Francis Castello)
Magali Noël (Gloria Lefevre)
Alain Saury (Xandro Lakaris 'el griego')
Gemma Cuervo (Amparo)

Isabel is a beautiful aspiring singer with great aspirations but persistent bad luck convicted of a crime she did not commit. Serving time in prison she is released under parole and lands a singing gig at a dive in Barcelona where she meets Sandro "The Greek" and his partner lover Gloria. The couple is posing as entertainment promoters but they are really running a prostitution ring based in Beirut. They offer Isabel a two-year contract to perform in "night clubs" in the Near and Mideast even after they learn that she cannot travel abroad due to her legal status. Upon arrival in Beirut, Isabel and the other girls are sped away to a luxurious villa where they discover the real intentions of the pseudo-promoters. They are expected to sing and dance but also to engage in sexual activities with the rich clients that patronize the place. Isabel pretends to go along with the situation but she has a plan to get away.

Vickers 737 Viscount

Vickers 737 Viscount of British United Airways.

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