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Turbinen-Verkehrsflugzeug 152 title card.

Documentary (Before March 1959)

Volkseigenen Flugzeugindustrie der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik

Short documentary on Baade 152, a German Jetliner (Turbinen Verkehrsflugzeug) designed by VEB Flugzeugwerke Dresden. The first prototype first flew in December 1958 but crashed at the end of her second flight in March 1959. In 1960, the second modified prototype made her maiden flight and the third one made her roll-out. But the project was cancelled at mid-1961.

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Ilyushin Il-14P

Reg. DM-ZZR Ilyushin Il-14P.

EFW-152 00002.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

(left) Perhaps an Aero Ae-45 ?

EFW-152 02B.jpg

Baade 152 V1

Unofficial name given after the designer of the plane, Brunolf Baade.
Reg. DM-ZYA first prototype.

EFW-152 03.jpg
EFW-152 04.jpg
EFW-152 05.jpg
EFW-152 06.jpg

On the assembly line.

EFW-152 07.jpg
EFW-152 08.jpg

Pirna 014 axial turbojet studied for the 152 but not ready for the first prototype.

EFW-152 09.jpg

Maiden flight took place on 4 December 1958 powered by Tumansky RD-9.

EFW-152 10.jpg
EFW-152 11.jpg

Despite the type never assumed commercial service, some advertising were filmed.

EFW-152 12.jpg

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