Babino unuče

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Babino unuče title card.

TV Series (1976-1977)

Radmila Savicevic (Baba Tomanija)
Goran Jevtic (Joca)
Milan Srdoc (Sima Sesic)
Lidija Ciglic (Trsa)

Funny peasant granny moves from her village to Belgrade with her grandson, so he can finish elementary school in the city. The clash between human, rural and honest and depraved, false and petty-bourgeois is inevitable.

Boeing 737-130

Registration D-ABEU, c/n 19031/118 built in 1969.
Ep. 8 Svako na svoju stranu

Reg. D-ABEU Boeing 737-130 Heilbronn of Lufthansa.

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