Battlefield 1942

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Battlefield 1942 cover.

Video Game (2002)

Players fight through the major battles of World War II as either the Allies or the Axis.

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Note: This is a Video Game. Aircraft portrayed in this production may not be entirely accurate or represent an actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

North American P-51 Mustang

BF1942 Mustang.png
BF1942 Mustang 1.png
BF1942 Mustang cockpit.png

Douglas SBD Dauntless

BF1942 SBD.png

Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress

BF1942 B-17.png
BF1942 B-17 1.png
BF1942 B-17 cockpit.png

De Havilland DH98 Mosquito


Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk.XII

BF1942 Spitfire.png
BF1942 Spitfire 1.png
BF1942 Spitfire cockpit.png

Vought F4U Corsair

BF1942 Corsair.png

Mitsubishi A6M Zero

BF1942 Zero.png

Aichi D3A Val

BF1942 D3A.png

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E

BF1942 Bf109.png
BF1942 Bf109 1.png
BF1942 Bf109 cockpit.png

Messerschmitt Bf 110

BF1942 110.png
BF1942 110 1.png
BF1942 110 cockpit.png

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

BF1942 C-47.png
BF1942 C-47 1.png
BF1942 C-47 cockpit.png

Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik

BF1942 IL-2.png
BF1942 IL-2 1.png
BF1942 IL-2 cockpit.png

Yakovlev Yak-9

BF1942 Yak.png
BF1942 Yak rear.png
BF1942 Yak cockpit.png

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

BF1942 Stuka.png
BF1942 Stuka 1.png
BF1942 Stuka cockpit.png

Junkers Ju 88 A

BF1942 Ju-88.png

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52

BF1942 AW.png
BF1942 AW 1.png
BF1942 AW cockpit.png

Horten Ho 229

BF1942 229.png
BF1942 229 1.png
BF1942 229 cockpit.png

McDonnell XF-85 Goblin

BF1942 Goblin.png
BF1942 Goblin 1.png
BF1942 Goblin cockpit.png

Bachem Ba 349

BF1942 349.png
BF1942 349 2.png
BF1942 349 cockpit.png

Flettner Fl 282

BF1942 Flettner 1.png
BF1942 Flettner 2.png
BF1942 Flettner 3.png

Mittlewerk EWM Vergeltungswaffe V-2

BF1942 V-2.png

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