Between the Lines

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Between The Lines DVD cover.

TV Series (1992-1994)

Neil Pearson (Detective Superintendent Tony Clark)
Tom Georgeson (Detective Inspector Harry Naylor)
Siobhan Redmond (Detective Sergeant Maureen "Mo" Connell)
Tony Doyle (Chief Superintendent John Deakin)

"Between The Lines" is set in the Complaints Investigation Bureau (CIB) - the department responsible for investigating other police officers - of London's Metropolitan Police

Season 3

Learjet 35A

Registration G-JETN, c/n 35A-324 built in 1980.
Ep. 3.05 Close Protection

BTL plane.35.jpg
BTL planea.3.jpg
BTL planeb.9.jpg
BTL planecc.jpg
BTL planecd.jpg

Boeing 747-4D7

Ep. 3.05 Close Protection

Boeing 747-4D7 of Thai Airways.
Boeing 747-4D7 of Thai Airways.

Boeing 747-236B

Ep. 3.05 Close Protection

Boeing 747-236B of British Airways (on the left).
Boeing 747-236B of British Airways.

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