Bird People

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Bird People movie poster.

Movie (2014)

Josh Charles (Gary Newman)
Anaïs Demoustier (Audrey Camuzet)
Roschdy Zem (Simon)
Camélia Jordana (Leila)

A French movie in two times : first, Gary is a computer engineer involved in a big contract for Dubaï but under the pressure of late partners with a boring family life. During a meeting in Paris, he decides to stop all of this and leaving both its work and his wife. The movie has another important character : Audrey, a French student working as room maid in a hotel in Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle. In the second half of the movie, she experiences a fantastic adventure until she meets Gary at the very end. All along their story, lots of airliners are seen in the background, a challenging game for enthusiasts.

Airbus A321

Airbus A321 of Austrian Airlines.

Boeing 737-800

@ 30 min 40

BirdPeople 03040.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

@ 1h23

BirdPeople 12334.jpg

Airbus A320

@ 1h26

Airbus A320 of XL Airways France.

Airbus A320

@ 1h27

Airbus A320 of Turkish Airlines.

Boeing 777-228ER

Boeing 777-228ER of Air France.

Airbus A330-203

Air France on the taxiway.

Airbus A330-203 of Air France.

Airbus A321-112

Airbus A321-112 of Alitalia.

Airbus A320-214

Airbus A320-214 of EasyJet.


Bottom right, XL Airways France the farest; a Boeing 737-500 of Air Méditerranée and an anonymous Airbus A321.

BirdPeople 02335.jpg

Embraer 190

Embraer 190 of Niki just some weeks before this airline ceased using this type.

Embraer 190 of Niki.

Wright A

Wilbur Wright (1867 - 1912) at the controls of a Wright 'Flyer'.

BirdPeople 04533.jpg

Morane-Saulnier H & SPAD S.VII

Roland Garros on Morane-Saulnier and Georges Guynemer at the controls of a Spad

BirdPeople 04536.jpg

Various Airliners

Top right, five airliners: a dark tail with a crescent and PIA just behind the cockpit, a Boeing 777 of Pakistan International Airlines.
An Airbus A330-223 and another airliner of TAM Airlines with their red tails.
One of them is hidden by a Lufthansa Airbus A320 already rolling on the taxiway.
On the very top, at left of the Terminal 1 neon light, a Boeing 777-2H6/ER in the colors of Malaysia Airlines.

BirdPeople 11511.jpg

Airbus A319-115

Airbus A319-115 of Eritrean Airlines.

Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde 215

Reg. F-BVFF is now gate guard at Roissy.
Top right an Airbus A380 of Emirates alongside an unidentified twin jet.

BirdPeople 12536.jpg

Airbus A321-112

Airbus A321-112 of Air Méditerranée.

Airbus A380-861

A380 of Emirates with an unidentified jet at right.

Airbus A380-861 of Emirates.

Airbus A319-112

Registration OH-LVD, c/n 1352 built in 2000.

Reg. OH-LVD Airbus A319-112 of Finnair.

Boeing 737-300

737 of Jet2Holidays at right. Seven others still unidentified.

Boeing 737-300 of Jet2Holidays.

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