Blue Christmas

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Blue Christmas poster.

Movie (1978)
Japanese title: ブルークリスマス
Alternate English title: Blood Type: Blue

Hiroshi Katsuno (Taisuke Oki)
Keiko Takeshita (Keiko Takeshita)
Kunie Tanaka (Kazuo Nishida)
Tatsuya Nakadai (Kazuya Minami)

UFOs are being spotted all over the world, and witnesses' bloods have turned blue.

Fuji UH-1B Huey

Reg. JG-1527 (41527) (c/n MH28) of the Ground Self Defense Force.

Blue Xmas JG-1527.jpg

Mitsubishi F-104J Starfighter

Two F-104s scramble after a UFO is spotted. "621" is Reg. 46-8621 (c/n 683B-3121) and "641" is 46-8641 (c/n 683B-3141); both locally manufactured F-104s for the JASDF.

Blue Xmas F-104-takeoff.jpg
Blue Xmas F-104-641.jpg
Blue Xmas F-104-621.jpg

Boeing 707

Boeing 707 of Lufthansa.

Blue Xmas Lufthansa.jpg

Boeing 747-x46

Boeing 747 of JAL.

Blue Xmas JAL.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10

Stock image of an airplane crash site on French soil with (left) a French fireman and a 'Gendarme' (French MP) or Policeman (with the so French 'képi').
Very close scene could be found on the web when you search 'crash DC-10 Ermenonville'.
So it's Turkish Airlines Flight 981 which crashed on 3 March 1974 over Ermenonville Forest, Oise, France. Subject of S05E01 of Dangers dans le ciel (not yet analyzed). Registration TC-JAV, c/n 46704/29 built in 1972.

Reg. TC-JAV McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 of Turkish Airlines.

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