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Air Jamaica was the national airline of Jamaica. It had been owned and operated by Caribbean Airlines since May 2011. The Jamaican government was formerly the owner of Air Jamaica. It sold the airline to Caribbean Airlines in 2011, which resulted in the Jamaican government owning 16% of Caribbean Airlines. Air Jamaica was established in October 1968 and started operations on April 1, 1969, connecting Kingston and Montego Bay, with New York and Miami. At that time the Jamaican government owned a substantial part of the airline, with Air Canada owning a minority share (40 percent) and providing technical, maintenance and logistical help. During the 1970s Air Jamaica expanded rapidly. Flights were added to Toronto and Montreal in Canada, to Puerto Rico, to Philadelphia and many other destinations, especially across the Caribbean. Long-haul services to Europe were started on 1 April 1974. During the 1980s, growth slowed. New routes were opened to Baltimore and Atlanta. During the 1990s Air Jamaica continued to expand and opened routes to Phoenix (which was later dropped), to Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Santo Domingo and Ft. Lauderdale. In 1994 the company was partially privatized. In December 2004, after financial losses, the government of Jamaica resumed full ownership of Air Jamaica. On 1 July 2011, all Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines's flights began operating under Caribbean Airlines's "BW" IATA code.

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