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Airwork Limited, also referred to during its history as Airwork Services Limited, was founded in 1928.It has a long and rich history in providing a variety of defence support services to the Royal Air Force (RAF), Fleet Air Arm and overseas air forces, as well as having played an important role in the development of civil aviation – both in the United Kingdom and abroad.
During the post-second world war period Airwork also further expanded its business into civil aviation, including contracting, aircraft servicing and maintenance, sale and purchase of aircraft, operation and management of flying schools and clubs, contract charter flying, overhaul and modification of aircraft, specialised aerodrome catering and aviation insurance. Airline operations starded in 1947 with charter flights using Vickers Viking and later Handley Page Hermes , primarily flying out of Blackbushe Airport, constituted the bulk of Airwork's commercial air transport activities.
In 1957 Airwork acquired control of Transair, a fellow independent airline. A year later the process of merging the Airwork-controlled airlines with Hunting-Clan Air Transport to form BUA-British United Airways. In 1959, Airwork took over Air Charter, Freddie Laker's first airline venture, and moved from Blackbushe to Gatwick. On May 1960, Airwork changed definitively its name to BUA-British United Airways including the former's air transport subsidiaries Air Charter, Channel Air Bridge, Transair Limited.

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