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Armstrong Whitworth A.W.154 Argosy II seen in Imperial Airways - The Definitive Newsreel History 1924-1939.

The Armstrong Whitworth Argosy was a British three-engine biplane airliner built by Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft, and operated by Imperial Airways from 1926 to 1935. The A.W.154 Argosy stemmed from a declaration by Imperial Airways that all its aircraft would be multi-engine designs, on the grounds of safety. They were intended to replace the older single-engine de Havilland aircraft that Imperial Airways had inherited from its constituent companies, mainly Daimler Airway. The first example (G-EBLF) flew in March 1926, following an initial order for three Argosies from Imperial Airways. An improved Mk. II version was introduced in 1929.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Armstrong Whitworth A.W.154 Argosy.

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