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Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" seen in Dark Blue World.

The German Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" (Young man) was a 1930s basic training aircraft which was used by the Luftwaffe during World War II.

Sturdy and agile, the Bü 131A was first delivered to the Deutscher Luftsportverband (DLV). The Bü 131B was selected as the primary basic trainer for the German Luftwaffe, and it served with "virtually all" the Luftwaffe's primary flying schools during the war, as well as with night harassment units such as Nachtschlacht Gruppen (NSGr) 2, 11, and 12. Yugoslavia was the main prewar export customer, followed by Bulgaria and Rumania.

Production licenses were granted to Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Japan. In Spain, production continued at CASA until the early 1960s. The Jungmann was retained as the Spanish Air Force's primary basic trainer until 1968.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann.

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