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Bristol 149 Bolingbroke Mk.IV T seen in Ain't Misbehavin'.

The Bristol Blenheim was a British light bomber aircraft designed and built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company that was used extensively in the early days of the Second World War. It was adapted as an interim long-range and night fighter, pending the availability of the Beaufighter. It was one of the first British aircraft to have all-metal stressed-skin construction, to utilise retractable landing gear, flaps, powered gun turret and variable pitch propellers. A Canadian-built variant named the Bolingbroke was used as an anti-submarine and training aircraft.
Please take care that Blenheim's variant (RAF mark) are of the following manufacturer type :
Blenheim Mk I is type 142;
Blenheim Mk IM is type 142M;
Blenheim Mk IV is type 149;
Blenheim Mk V is type 160.

This page lists all films that feature the Bristol Blenheim.

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