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Buhl CA-6 Airsedan seen in The Perils of Pauline (1933 serial).

The Buhl Airsedan was a family of American civil cabin sesquiplane aircraft, the number in the designation refers to the number of seats as originally designed. A total of around sixty airframes were built, some aircraft had a special destiny: first nonstop transcontinental flight and return to the USA in five days thanks to eleven transfers; first flight of a pope (Pius XII when he was only Cardinal Monsignor Pacelli); NC2915, dubbed Miss Doran, loast at sea in 1927 during the ill-fated Doran Air Race (seen in Christopher Strong)...
Fitted with various engine (Wright J-5 or J-6 Whirlwind; Pratt & Whitney Wasp; Warner Scarab -only on the CA-3- and even flying testbed for the Packard DR-980 diesel engine), those successful family reach an end due to dissolution of the company on 21 July 1932.
To date (2023) only three airframes are preserved in good condition, only one of which is airworthy.

This page lists all films that feature a variant of the Buhl Airsedan.

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