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Dassault Mystère II

After the success of the Dassault MD-450 Ouragan, Dassault was working on a more advanced machine based on it, which would take to the air in early 1951 as the MD.452 Mystère I. The first prototype Mystère I was essentially an Ouragan with a 30-degree swept wing and modified tail surfaces. The Mystère I led to two Mystère IIA prototypes, and four Mystère IIB and was the first French aircraft to break Mach 1 in controlled flight (in a dive), on 28 October 1951. The eleven pre-production machines that followed were designated Mystère IIC. The Armée de l’Air ordered 150 Mystère IIC. A total of 171 have beeing built.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Dassault Mystère II .

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