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Fokker D.III

The Fokker D.III was a German single-seat fighter aircraft of World War I. The prototype M.19 began as an effort to improve the performance of the Doppeldecker (biplane) Fokker D.II (Fokker designation M.17), itself a study to improve the Eindecker (monoplane) Fokker (E.I to E.IV). The M.19 featured the Oberursel U.III 14-cylinder, two-row rotary engine, combined with the two-bay wing cellule of the Fokker D.I. Another significative change was the use of ailerons on the serie christened Fokker D.III (the prototype still used wing warping for roll control of the Eindecker or D.II). On duty, the Fokker D.III proved high maneuverability but poor performance at altitude. So the 210 airframes built were quickly withdrawn from heavily contested sectors of the Western Front to serve in quieter sectors. Production ceased in the spring of 1917 and home defense units used it until late 1917. The very last flyable machines were withdrawn from use in 1921 by Netherlands.

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