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Gyrafrique was founded in 1954, as subsidiary of Gyrafrance, a French company of helicopters based in Montpellier. It began operations of different aerial works throughout Algeria: agricultural work and power line monitoring missions, medical evacuations, personnel and transport of equipment for Oil industry, CEA, BRGM, etc. With the ongoing war in Algeria, Gyrafrique was also assigned numbers of missions by the French administration of Algeria. Over the years the company will operate thirty Bell 47s, five Alouette IIs and one Sikorsky S 58 and become the most important company in Eurafrique and the fifth in the world among helicopter aerial work companies. In 1962 was the gathering of all the equipment at the Montpellier-Mediterranean airfield (formerly Montpellier-Fréjorgues). The activity will continue in mainland France by a merge with Gyrafrance.

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