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Handley Page Heyford seen on DVD 5: Bombers - Winged Armada from Wings of Russia.

The Handley Page Heyford was a twin-engine biplane bomber designed and produced by the British aircraft manufacturer Handley Page. It holds the distinction of being the last biplane heavy bomber to be operated by the Royal Air Force. Her shape is unique as the fuselage was joined to the upper wing rather than the lower one, which gave the aircraft a relatively nose-high orientation while on the ground. So the pilot was roughly 17 ft (5 m) above the ground. A thickened center section of the lower wing accommodated the aircraft's single bomb bay.
The maiden flight by the prototype H.P. 38 was on 1930 and the assembly line for the type H.P. 50 ran from 1933 to 1936 for a total of 125 airframes. From 1937, the replacement of the Heyford had commenced by the new generation of monoplane bombers, such as the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley and the Vickers Wellington. Next Handley Page's success, the twin-engine monoplane medium bomber HP.52 Hampden -which first flew in June 1936 and reach operational status in 1938- had a top speed, range and bomb load nearly twice the Heyford. So the Heyford had been officially declared to be obsolete during July 1939 and the last examples were quickly withdrawn from frontline service with only a handful remaining in service for testing, target tug or training until 1941.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Handley Page Heyford.

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