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Lavochkin La-250 Anakonda seen in Povest o chelovecheskom serdtse.

The Lavochkin La-250 Anakonda was a high-altitude interceptor aircraft prototype developed in the Soviet Union by the Lavochkin design bureau in the 1950s. As a massive raid of upcoming bombers would be more and more challenging, the Soviet Head Quater admitted that subsonic cannon-armed fighters were not the solution. Then Lavochkin design bureau was working on an interceptor able to counter targets flying at 1,250 km/h (780 mph), Mach 1.18) at 20,000 metres (66,000 ft) up to 500 kilometres (310 mi) from the airbase. This aircraft was to carry two "275" missiles semi-recessed into the underside of the fuselage in a tandem arrangement and La-250 onboard radar guidance operating for the last 40 kilometres (25 mi). This swept-wing airframe was ampered by the failure of the intended engine so the design bureau changed to two Lyulka AL-7F-1 afterburning turbojet engines in a slimmer fuselage fitted with a delta wing now carrying the missile on underwing pylons. This La-275A made its roll-out on 16 june 1956 just a month before the maiden flight of the sole La-275. Two of the La-250A and the La-250 suffered unstability or hydraulic problem and crashed. The nose was then dropped down by 6° to upgrade forward visibility but despite flight performance of the La-250 was quite high for its time, the too slow rate of test flight (only 21 in three years) frustated the Soviet Air Force which stopped all work in 1960, the year of Semyon Lavochkin's death. So the La-250 was the last aircraft of this OKB.

Only one prototype Lavochkin La-250 and four La-250A have been built.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Lavochkin La-250.

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