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Mil V-12 seen in Nebo izmeryayetsya milyami.

The Mil V-12 is the largest helicopter ever built. The Soviet design bureau drew a large fuselage accommodating the wide cabin (measuring 28.15×4.4×4.4 m / 92.4×14.4×14.4 ft, it's more space than inside a Lockheed C-141 Starlifter ( 31.8x3.1x3.1 m / 104.4×10.2×9.1 ft) : 545 m3 versus 305,5 m3 !). The four Soloviev D-25VF turboshaft engines (two times the Mil Mi-6 power) are capable of lifting 20 to 25 t (44,000 to 55,000 lb) (again, more than a Lockheed C-141).
Two prototypes were built but despite a wide range of world records and an appearance at the 29th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget (1971) and a promotional Europe tour, no order was registered. With most important intended mission no longer existed from the Soviet Armed Forces point of view, there was no production.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Mil V-12 ("Homer" according NATO).

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