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Alan Muntz, chairman of Airwork Ltd visited Egypt in 1931 and expressed his intention of starting up a new airline in the country. The new enterprise was named Misr Airwork, with ″Misr″ being Arabic for Egypt. A division of Misr Airwork named Misr Airlines was established on 07 June 1932. The headquarters of Misr Airwork, S.A.E. was in Almaza Aerodrome, Heliopolis, Cairo. The carrier started operations on 15 July 1933. In May1949, all the capital and the aircraft was acquired by the government. After the Egyptian state became the sole shareholder, the company changed its name to Misrair. Following the formation of the United Arab Republic by Egypt and Syria on 01 Feb 1958, Misrair was renamed United Arab Airlines in March 1958. The name of the airline was changed to EgyptAir on 10 October 1971, following the country changing its name to Arab Republic of Egypt.

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