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Myasishchev 3M seen in Nebo so mnoy.

The Myasishchev M-4 was a four-engined strategic bomber designed in the 1950s to provide a bomber capable of attacking targets in North America. It was the first project of this new OKB (Desing Bureau) led by Vladimir Myasishchev. It soon became clear that the bomber had an insufficient range to attack the United States and still return to the Soviet Union. The improved M-4 with Dobrynin VD-7 engines with better specific fuel consuption than the original Mikulin AM-3A engines was put into service in 1955 under the name 3M. Most were used for long-range maritime patrol and some airframes were convert to air refueling tasks. The last one was withdrawn from service in 1994.

93 Myasishchev M-4 have been produced.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Myasishchev M-4, including the VM-T heavy lift aircraft (a twin tailed M-4 variant that carried over-sized cargo in a pod on top of the fuselage).

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