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People Express Airlines, stylized as PEOPLExpress, was an American low-cost airline that operated from 1981 to 1987, when it was merged into Continental Airlines. The airline's headquarters was in the North Terminal (later Terminal C) of Newark International Airport (EWR) in Newark, New Jersey. People Express started with Boeing 737 flights from Newark to Buffalo, Columbus and Norfolk; Jacksonville and Cleveland Hopkins were added a month later. In December People Express had 42 weekday departures from EWR to Baltimore/Washington, Boston Logan, Burlington, Buffalo Niagara, Port Columbus, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Sarasota-Bradenton, Syracuse Hancock and Palm Beach plus some flights around the periphery of the hub-and-spokes. On May 1983, People Express began non-stop flights from Newark to London's Gatwick Airport with a leased Boeing 747-227B previously operated by Braniff International Airways.
In 1985, People Express Airlines made acquisitons of sevarlal other airlines: Frontier Airlines, Provincetown-Boston Airlines and Britt Airways. The purchasing spree placed an enormous debt burden on the carrier at the same time that the major legacy carriers' improved their yield management schemes, enabling them to better compete with People Express fares. In 1986,the company was forced to sell entirely to Continental Airlines.
On February 2012 was announced the resurrection of the People Express brand for a start-up airline unrelated to the original of 1981. The experience failed about 3 months of operation in September 2014.

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